January 2020

Coronavirus update

Please read this update from Public health England:

The case definition has now changed – basically its all of China now so the advice is:
  • We are now recommending that all travellers who develop relevant symptoms, however mild, within 14 days of returning from mainland China, should self-isolate at home immediately and call NHS 111. We are already recommending that travellers from Wuhan and Hubei Province should self-isolate for 14 days, even if they do not have symptoms, due to the increased risk from that area.
  • Primary care practices are asked to identify possible cases, isolate them immediately, and seek specialist advice from a microbiologist, virologist or infectious disease physician at your local trust. They are not expected to undertake any clinical assessment or sampling. Guidance for primary care can be found here.
PHE has not changed the posters which currently state just Wuhan so I would recommend just striking out this with a pen and replacing it with China (cutting edge I know!)
The four key principles to bear in mind in community settings are to:
• Identify possible cases as soon as possible
• Isolate to prevent transmission to other patients and staff
• Avoid direct physical contact unless wearing appropriate personal protective equipment
• Get specialist advice from a local microbiologist, virologist or infectious disease physician at your local trust.
This webpage is updated regularly so should be checked regularly:

Wuhan novel coronavirus

Public Health England have published new advice on dealing with suspected cases of this infection. The situation continues to develop rapidly.

I have added the advice to the
Guidelines page of the website and removed the previous advice


Further to my previous post, new guidance for the management of patients with suspected novel coronavirus infection have been published. They have the telephone numbers you might need if you have a patient suspected of having the disease.
The guidance can be found in the
Guidelines section

Exotic respiratory illness from China

I have been asked to draw your attention to the Corona Virus infection outbreak declared by the Chinese authorities. Some of us may have patients from the Wuhan province area (1000km north of Hong Kong and 700 km west of Shanghai)

It is the upcoming Chinese New Year on 25 January and with direct flights to London please be vigilant if patients present with recent history of travel to China/ close exposure to birds/ respiratory symptoms

GP action is limited to:

1. Call the ambulance service explaining your suspicions . The ambulance service has the responsibility to deal with the transfer and the destination hospital.
2. Keep the patient in one room and turn off the air conditioning (shouldn't be too much of a problem this time of year).

The f
ull PHE guidance can be found in the Guidelines section.